Image Classification Using Marginalized Kernels for Graphs

Posted in Science on July 27, 2008

Image Classification Using Marginalized Kernels for Graphs

We propose in this article an image classification technique based on kernel methods and graphs. Our work explores the possibility of applying marginalized kernels to image processing. In machine learning, performant algorithms have been developed for data organized as real valued arrays; these algorithms are used for various purposes like classification or regression. However, they are inappropriate for direct use on complex data sets. Our work consists of two distinct parts. In the first one we model the images by graphs to be able to represent their structural properties and inherent attributes. In the second one, we use kernel functions to project the graphs in a mathematical space that allows the use of performant classification algorithms. Experiments are performed on medical images acquired with various modalities and concerning di_erent parts of the body.

Author: Emanuel Aldea, Enst Paris

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