RubyConf 2007: Rubinius

Posted in Conferences, Development on July 27, 2008

RubyConf 2007: Rubinius

Some “Junior High Analysis”:

  • 1.8 & 1.9 is Ruby (core) for C programmers
  • JRuby is Ruby for Java programmers
  • IronRuby is Ruby for C# programmers
  • Rubinius is Ruby for Ruby programmers

Rubinius finally allows Ruby programmers to “eat yummy dogfood.” It’s targeted at fellow Ruby programmers, not folks on the street. It also provides a much tighter feedback loop for language improvements & clarification.

Following on that, they have 57 committers, with 17 of those with 20 or more commits (36 with 100+ lines changed). Commit bits have been “free flowing” and easy to get (if something you submit as a patch you get commit rights).

Props to EngineYard for funding Evan’s work on Rubinius.

Evan is shooting to have 1.0 out by ? (was: RubyConf 2007). Things change. Mistakes were made. They’re evolving.

Author: Evan Phoenix

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