RubyConf 2007: State of IronRuby

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Companies on July 27, 2008

RubyConf 2007: State of IronRuby

The one post of the conference that might really interest the majority of my readers. John talked about joining Microsoft, working on some earlier Ruby bridges and RubyCLR, and overall did a pretty good job as a Microsoft speaker in front of an open source Ruby crowd. He used some good self-depreciating humor and even wore a devil tail. He covered the main goals of the project, one of which is to get rails up and running before RailsConf next year which would be a very impressive accomplishment. He also talked about how IronRuby will serve as a tool for testing the performance of the DLR.

John went through a couple demos with varying success, the IronRuby with Mono on Linux didn't go so well but the demo using Silverlight was pretty cool. (although he had to show the XAML ugliness to a crowd that cares about beauty) Probably the most interesting part was showing some of the actual IronRuby implementation which is basically written in C# using some special attributes. The process looks something like writing your C#, adding attributes like [RubyMethod] and [RubyClass], compile the C#, then run Rake gen.

Author: John Lam

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