Facial expression recognition and emotion recognition from speech

Posted in Science on August 06, 2008

Facial expression recognition and emotion recognition from speech

The presentation tackles the problem of recognizing the emotions based on video and audio data analysis. A fully automatic facial expression recognition system is based on three components: face detection, facial characteristic point extraction and classification. Face detection is employed by boosting simple rectangle Haar-like features that give a decent representation of the face. These features also allow the differentiation between a face and a non-face. The boosting algorithm is combined with an Evolutionary Search to speed up the overall search time. Facial characteristic points (FCP) are extracted from the detected faces. The same technique applied on faces is utilized for this purpose. Additionally, FCP extraction using corner detection methods and brightness distribution has also been considered. Finally, after retrieving the required FCPs the emotion of the facial expression can be determined.

Author: Dragos Datcu, Delft University of Technology

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