Speaker Localization: introduction to system evaluation

Posted in Science on August 08, 2008

Speaker Localization: introduction to system evaluation

Lecture slides:

  • Outline
  • Speaker localization: general issues
  • Example of very near-field propagation
  • T-shaped arrays in the CHIL room at IRST
  • Speaker localization: general issues
  • CHIL: Speaker localization in lecture scenarios
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Evaluation Criteria: fine and gross errors
  • SLOC error computation in a time interval
  • Evaluation software
  • NIST evaluation ’05 of SLOC systems
  • Experimental Results
  • x-coordinate output examples
  • IRST speaker localization and tracking systems
  • System description
  • Global Coherence Field
  • TDOA estimate based on microphone pairs and CSP (GCC-PHAT) analysis
  • IRST T-shaped microphone array
  • Recent results on UKA lectures
  • CSP analysis of a segment with two speakers (from Seminar_2003-11-25_A_4)
  • Conclusions

Author: Maurizio Omologo, Fondazione Bruno Kessler

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