Tricks of the trade for training SVMs

Posted in Science on August 09, 2008

Tricks of the trade for training SVMs

Lecture slides:

  • Overview
  • SVM can not watch TV.
  • Problem Statement
  • Overview
  • Linear SVM in the primal
  • Non-linear SVMs
  • Complexity
  • Trick
  • Greedy choice of the subset
  • Multiclass experiment
  • Overview
  • Where do we spend our money in the dual formulation?
  • Select patterns
  • Condensation and Editing
  • Cross-Training
  • But.... we lost control!
  • Current Quests and Spinoff
  • Overview
  • Conjectures – Lynching the speaker is prohibited
  • If someone puts a gun
  • SON
  • References

Author: Gökhan H. Bakir, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

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