Data Mining Vs. Semantic Web

Posted in Science on August 19, 2008

Data Mining Vs. Semantic Web

This tutorial covers the field of datamining in general, talks about its possible applications (special case studies can be added on request), and elaborates on the issue of hardware accelerators for datamining. The introduction gives a formal and an informal definition (through an example), plus it points to possible missunderstandings typical of the topic. The part on methods and algorithms covers a number of different approaches, each one presented thru animation, using the examples that are both colourfull and unusual, but excellent for pointing into the essence. The part on tools lists about a dozen different tools, and selects one for a detailed case study. The part on applications includes examples from a variety of different fields (engineering, science, medicine, psychiatry, etc...) The part on hardware accelerators is available on special request. This tutorial was presented so far many times for industry and academia in the USA and Europe, and received the best tutorial award at several conferences.

Author: Veljko Milutinovi?, University Of Belgrade

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