Human Language Technology for the Semantic Web

Posted in Science on August 22, 2008

Human Language Technology for the Semantic Web

Lecture slides:

  • Metadata Extraction: Human Language Technology and the Semantic Web Hamish Cunningham Kalina Bontcheva Valentin Tablan Diana Maynard SEKT meeting,
  • The Knowledge Economy and Human Language
  • HLT and Knowledge: Closing the Language Loop
  • Structure of the Tutorial
  • Information Extraction
  • MUC-7 tasks
  • An Example
  • Performance levels
  • What are Named Entities?
  • What are Named Entities (2)
  • Basic Problems in NE
  • More complex problems in NE
  • Corpora and System Development
  • Some NE Annotated Corpora
  • The MUC-7 corpus
  • The MUC-7 Corpus (2)
  • ACE – Towards Semantic Tagging of Entities
  • ACE Entities
  • ACE Example
  • Annotation Tools: Alembic, GATE, ...
  • Performance Evaluation
  • The Evaluation Metric (2)
  • The GATE Evaluation Tool
  • Corpus-level Regression Testing
  • Regression Testing (2)
  • Challenge: Evaluating Richer NE Tagging
  • SW IE Evaluation tasks
  • Structure of the Tutorial
  • Two kinds of IE approaches

Author: Hamish Cunningham, University Of Sheffield

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