Ruby Hoedown 2008: Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator

Posted in Conferences, Development on August 21, 2008

Ruby Hoedown 2008: Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator

MIDI is a data protocol for music. Archaeopteryx generates MIDI via Ruby to drive prosumer studio music software. It can generate hyperkinetic DJ mixes, infinite streams of ambient music for meditation, and original drum and bass rhythms.

Archaeopteryx is a new project undergoing development. Archaeopteryx uses procs extensively, and benefits from an approach to Ruby informed by Lisp and higher-order programming. Arkx (the project's nickname) contains a Lispy approach to the classic Gang Of Four Strategy pattern which has to be the simplest, most powerful expression of the Strategy pattern in existence.
Author: Giles Bowkett

About Giles Bowkett
Since discovering Rails in 2005, Giles Bowkett has built many Rails apps, including Hulu, which sees more traffic than Twitter. His presentation on Archaeopteryx at GoRuCo in New York this April was the highest-rated presentation there. Jeremy McAnnally described his MountainWest RubyConf presentation as "brain-meltingly awesome." His blog often shows up on Reddit, Digg, and Hacker News. In his past lives he was a Perl guru, a Java hacker, a rave promoter, and an art student.

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