Ruby Hoedown 2008: Lightning Talk: Kablame & Overview

Posted in Conferences, Development on September 06, 2008

Ruby Hoedown 2008: Lightning Talk: Kablame & Overview

Kablame! is a rails plugin uses svn blame to determine how many lines of code were updated or added by each user in a project. KABLAME! currently compatible with SVN and Git.

  • Someone on your team isn't pulling their weight? KABLAME!
  • Like lists of largely meaningless numbers? KABLAME!
  • Need to look good at a job review? KABLAME!
  • Believe in productivity through social stigma? KABLAME!
  • Need an excuse to install Git? KABLAME!
  • Just want to be a real show-off jerk who wants recognition for all the tests you write and you think nobody respects you at the office and this will show them!?! KABLAAAAME!

Author: Coby Randquist

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