Ruby Hoedown 2008: Mock Dialogue

Posted in Conferences, Development on August 21, 2008

Ruby Hoedown 2008: Mock Dialogue

Sit in like a fly on the wall with a development team as they wrestle with the issues of testing and the use of mock objects. Three acts cover using mock objects to remove dependencies on external dependencies, explore the use of mocks to isolate the code under test from the rest of the system, and look at when mocking can be an indication of a poor design. This is not your standard presentation with slides, but a peek into the everyday life of a development team.
Author: Joe O'Brien and Jim Weirich

About Jim and Joe
Jim Weirich has been active in the software development world for over twenty-five years, with experience that ranges from real-time data acquisition for jet engine testing to image processing and web services for the financial industry. Jim is very active in the Ruby community and has contributed to several Ruby projects, including the Rake build system and the RubyGems package software.

Joe is a father, speaker, author and developer. Before helping found EdgeCase, LLC, Joe was a developer with ThoughtWorks and spent much of his time working with large J2EE and .NET systems for Fortune 500 companies. His passions are Agile Development in the Enterprise, Ruby, and demonstrating to the Fortune 500 the elegance and power of this incredible language.

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