Ruby Hoedown 2008: Ruleby: The Rule Engine for Ruby

Posted in Conferences, Development on August 21, 2008

Ruby Hoedown 2008: Ruleby: The Rule Engine for Ruby

This presentation will cover some cases where the imperative paradigm fails and introduce Ruleby - a tool that adds a declarative nature to existing programs.

Ruleby is an open source rule engine written in the Ruby language. It is a system for executing a set of if-then statements known as production rules. These rules are matched to objects using a specially designed algorithm that improves performance and scalability.

The production rules that make up a Ruleby program are written using an internal Domain Specific Language (DSL). This presentation will cover the syntax of this new language and provide insight on how to use it in programs that require a declarative nature to solve problems.
Author: Joe Kutner

About Joe Kutner
Joe Kutner is a computer programmer working for SAIC. He received a Masters of Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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