Music of the (p)Spheres

Posted in Science on August 29, 2008

Music of the (p)Spheres

This lecture is talking about Nearest Neighbours Once upon a time... Musica universalis or music of the spheres is a medieval philosophical concept that regards the proportions in the movements of the celestial bodies - the Sun, Moon and planets - as a form of musica, the medieval Latin name for music. This music was not thought of as an audible sound, but simply as a mathematical concept. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras was frequently credited with originating the concept, which stemmed from his semi-mystical, semi-mathematical philosophy and its associated system of numerology of Pythagoreanism. Some Surat Shabda Yoga, Satgurus considered the music of the spheres to be a term synonymous with the Shabda or the
Audible Life Stream in that tradition, because they considered Pythagoras to be a Satguru as well.

Author: Alessandro Panconesi, University Of Rome

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