Screencasters Episode 069: Safety Card Illustration

Posted in Graphics on September 02, 2008

Screencasters Episode 069: Safety Card Illustration

In this episode I demonstrate a way of creating airline safety card style illustrations in Inkscape v0.46 using a bitmap image as a starting point.

I’ve been a fan of this sort of illustration for a while now. If you’re a Top Gear Magazine reader, you’ll find their ‘Survival Guide’ pieces use this type of illustration to great effect. I think it’s a neat way of creating a simple and attractive illustration. In many ways this is very much like Nicu’s post on HowTo Create a Hackergotchi. This is not so detailed, and covers action shots rather than faces I guess.

In true RQ tradition, I utilize the most basic of tools for this, the venerable Bezier tool along with Stroke and Fill and a couple quick path things. Very basic, but fun. Hope you enjoy it.

by Richard Querin

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