Stability in Mixture Modelling

Posted in Science on September 02, 2008

Stability in Mixture Modelling

Lecture slides:

  • Stability in Mixture Modeling
  • Outline
  • What is Clustering?
  • Outline
  • Clustering by Mixture Models
  • Clustering by Mixture Models (cont.)
  • Parameter Estimation and MAP Assignments
  • Consistency of ML Estimates in MMs
  • Outline
  • Stability as Avg. Disagreement of Clustering <br>Solutions
  • Stability (cont.)
  • Stability is a Necessity in Clustering
  • A Quick Look At Another Example
  • Stability in Mixture Modeling
  • Stability in Mixture Modeling (cont.)
  • What does this mean?
  • On Non-Asymptotic Considerations
  • What else?
  • Summary

Author: Tilman Lange, Eth Zurich

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