Google I/O 2008: Becoming a Google Apps Small Business Solution Provider

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on September 04, 2008

Google Apps is a popular solution for small businesses looking for better ways to operate, communicate, and collaborate. In this session we'll look at revenue opportunities that this creates for freelance consultants and IT service providers. We'll discuss opportunities ranging from basic setup, data migration, and training services to custom business Gadget development and GData integration work. We'll look at Google's new Small Business Solution Provider program for Google Apps ( and how it can enable service providers to take advantage of these opportunities through marketing assistance, sales tools, training materials, and technical support. Tony (President, CEO, SADA Systems) & Crisantos (Director of Business Development, Virus Woman) will provide insights based on their extensive experience bringing Google Apps-based solutions to clients.

Jeff Ragusa (Google), Tony Safoian (SADA Systems), and Crisantos Hajibrahim (Virus Woman)

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