Google I/O 2008: Visualize your Data - Visualization API

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on September 06, 2008

The new Google Visualization API lets you access multiple sources of structured data that you can display, choosing from a large selection of visualizations. It also provides a platform that can be used to create, share and reuse visualizations written by the developer community at large. Several of the key benefits include:

  • Embed visualizations directly into your website
  • Write, share and reuse visualization apps
  • Create extensions to Google products, such as Google Docs.
  • Use many data sources, one API
  • The Visualization API is AJAX-based and includes Gadget extensions so you can easily wrap your applications as Gadgets

This session is a practical introduction to building visual applications using the Google Visualization API. We'll walk through building an application and a Gadget that uses the API, using that application as the basis for discussing the various facets of the API.

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