PHP & Zend Technologies in the Enterprise

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Development on September 13, 2008

PHP & Zend Technologies in the Enterprise


  • Why PHP?
  • The Growth of PHP
  • Enterprise Endorsement
  • Zend is the Heart of PHP
  • Zend Technologies, The php Company
  • International Strategic Partnership
  • Enterprise Issue
  • “Zend WAY for PHP”
  • The Zend World
  • What is Zend Core?
  • Zend Core PHP Configuration
  • Zend Core Remote Debug & Benchmark
  • Introducing the Zend Core Network
  • Zend Studio for Eclipse
  • Studio for Eclipse – What’s New?
  • Zend Guard
  • Zend Guard Workflow
  • Zend Platform 3
  • The Leading Open Source PHP Framework

Presenter: Rama YUrindra. Zend Team Indonesia

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