Bias/variance analysis of relational domains

Posted in Science on September 14, 2008

Bias/variance analysis of relational domains

Lecture slides:

  • Bias/variance analysis for relational domains
  • Comparing relational models
  • Conventional bias/variance analysis
  • Relational inference
  • Error due to collective inference
  • Relational bias/variance analysis
  • Bias/variance framework for relational data
  • Relational bias/variance decomposition
  • Comparing relational models
  • Experimental comparison of relational models
  • Findings
  • RDN analysis
  • RDN modification
  • Modified RDN performance on synthetic data
  • Modified RDN performance on real data
  • Conclusions
  • Further information
  • RDN analysis-A

Author: Jennifer Neville, Purdue University

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