Interview with Mark Greaves

Posted in Science on September 16, 2008

Interview with Mark Greaves

Dr. Mark Greaves is currently Director, Knowledge Systems at Vulcan, Inc. Vulcan is the private investment vehicle for Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft, At Vulcan, he is sponsoring advanced research in large knowledge bases and advanced web technologies, including Project Halo ( We discussed with him at the ISWC 2006 in Athens, GA in the USA. *What is Vulcan? *What is the Halo Project? *What is the main reason why this was not possible ten years ago? *How these technologies go beyond what they do now? *Will this tecnology be openly available in the future? *Has Europe any chances to catch up the US in this field?

Interviewer: Marko Grobelnik, Department For Knowledge Technologies, Jožef Stefan Institute Interviewee: Mark Greaves, Vulcan Inc.

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