Applets Reloaded: the New Java Plug-In

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development, Web Technologies on September 16, 2008

This presentation will highlight the new capabilities available to the applet developer, including integrated JNLP support, per-applet control over Java virtual machine command-line arguments and Java Runtime Environment version selection, a rewritten Java/JavaScript bridge, revised support for accessing and modifying the DOM, crossdomain.xml support, and more. Multiple demonstrations will illustrate the new possibilities available to the developer.

Google Tech Talks
August 28, 2008

Speaker: Ken Russell
Ken Russell is the architect of the new Java Plug-In at Sun Microsystems. His background and interests include high-performance 3D graphics and dynamic languages, especially the Java programming language. He holds a Bachelor's degree in CS/EE from MIT and a Master's degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the Media Lab, MIT.

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