Interview with the W3C Chief Executive Officer

Posted in Science on September 17, 2008

Interview with the W3C Chief Executive Officer

Steve Bratt is the CEO of the Consortium. Videolectures.Net sent a paper at the W3C Video on the Web Workshop which was held 12-13 December 2007, San Jose, California. There we met mr. Bratt and asked him a few questions after the workshop finished:

  • How is W3C handling video at this moment?
  • What will happen after this workshop?
  • Who is standardising the video on the web, big repositories or W3C?
  • What is the closest domain to video on the web, the semantic web?
  • How do you see research and video on the web?
  • The first thing you will do when you leave the building?

Interviewer: Davor Orli?, Center For Knowledge Transfer, Jožef Stefan Institute Interviewee: Steve Bratt, World Wide Web Consortium

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