Lone Star Ruby Conf 2008: Resource-Driven Web Development with Waves

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Web Technologies on September 18, 2008

Lone Star Ruby Conf 2008: Resource-Driven Web Development with Waves

I’d like to introduce a new Web framework that I launched back in February. It is a full-featured “next generation” framework with a variety of innovations that help make building and deploying Web apps simple. You can read all about the framework at our site, RubyWaves.com. Since launching, we’ve been written up on several blogs (including a mention in Matz’s own, which was kinda cool), including an in-depth interview on InfoQ, and attracted a strong core team. It is currently being used experimentally within YellowPages.com, where I head up our strategic research & development solutions group.

Ultimately, our objective is allow developers to write less code to implement new features, reuse existing code more easily, easily deploy high-performance Ruby Web apps using a variety of architectural models, and do it as much as possible in “the Ruby way”.

This session explore the motivations behind Waves and walk through building a non-trivial Waves application (beyond what is covered in the Web site tutorial) highlighting some of the key features of the framework, such as request lambdas, just-in-time resources, and inheritable configurations. In the process, we will introduce the concept of resource-driven development, which supports the Sun MVC model, but also allows developers to move beyond it and focus on REST-style resource-centric development. We will also touch on some features that are currently edge, including Layers, a Rubyesque mechanism to reuse features across apps, multi-application support, and true threaded request handling running on JRuby.

Dan Yoder
Dan Yoder has two decades of experience in virtually all aspects of the software industry, including extensive experience in enterprise and consumer applications architectures. He currently manages development for the nascent R&D group at YellowPages.com in Glendale, CA. He is a co-author of the popular DateJS library and author of the Ruby gems AutoCode, Functor, and Waves. Dan has worked in Ruby for three years and it was Ruby that brought him back to his programming roots. He somehow graduated in 1989 with a BS degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. His hobbies include music production, basketball, and boogie boarding in the Santa Monica surf.

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