Lone Star Ruby Conf 2008: Ruby Anvil: The Desktop Application Framework

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks, Databases on September 18, 2008

Lone Star Ruby Conf 2008: Ruby Anvil: The Desktop Application Framework

Ruby Anvil promises to be the rails/merb equivalent framework for Ruby. By borrowing the ideas and knowledge accumulated from both frameworks, we can utilize Ruby to create yet another framework for developers and build desktop applications with ease, speed and beautiful code. In this talk I’d like to discuss some of my plans for the future of Ruby Anvil and what is currently being developed.

Ruby Anvil is bringing all the GUI toolkits available for Ruby (FxRuby and WxRuby) and attempting to build a standard DSL that will be usable in views of a desktop application. The goal is to eventually support all kinds of GUI toolkits and technologies like Swing, RubyCocoa and OpenGL. Anvil will utilize the MVC pattern so that you can delegate objects to the view in a clean way. The data will be grabbed from the database (using one of the 3 most popular ORMS- ActiveRecord, Datamapper, Sequel). It will provide a way for you to construct widgets that you can reuse as well as provide preformed widgets you can customize the attributes of using the DSL. Merb’s Modular plugin system is going to be emulated by utilizing rubygems as the package manager. In addition to having a DSL that can manipulate widgets, there will be a way to establish widgets by formatting a YAML file.

For the presentation I plan on walking everyone through creating their own Anvil application (most likely Hello World). Using the application we generated, I will show the features I’ve discussed in action as well as the current state of the implementation. Hopefully, I can get enough people interested to contribute!

Lance Carlson
I’ve been a ruby and a rails developer for over 3 years ever since I watched David’s screencast on how to make a blog in 15 minutes. I am the owner of a rails/merb/ruby consultancy called Ruby Skills. I am the creator of Ruby Anvil, a GUI framework in Ruby and am currently working with Bruce Tate to release the second edition of the book Ruby on Rails: Up and Running.

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