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Roger will present a quick overview of Sun Labs, the research arm of Sun Microsystems Inc. He will then talk about Project Sun SPOT (, a completely open source development platform designed to inspire the next generation of gadgets. Sun SPOT devices are Java-based, small, wireless, mesh networked, secure, sensors and effectors that can be used in everything from sensing the environment to controlling robots. He will show how Sun SPOTs are being used by our community of developers to make pets do tricks and make bicycles fly. More info at and open source at

Speaker: Roger Meike
Roger is Senior Director, Area 51 and Director of Operations, Sun Microsystems Laboratories. His background is in cognitive science and his career has led him back and forth between new start companies and large research organizations. While his background is mostly in software, he also enjoys consorting with hardware folks. He has been accused of being many things including photo enthusiast, sailor, ham radio operator, musician and techno-geek/nerd.

Google Tech Talks
July, 25 2008

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