Interview with John Domingue

Posted in Science on October 08, 2008

Interview with John Domingue

My current research is focused on Semantic Web Services. The goal of the Semantic Web is to create a machine-readable Web which supports machine interoperability through the use of ontologies - an explicit shared conceptualisation of a domain of discourse.

Web Services are online programs which are programmatically accessible through standard Internet protocols. Additionally, Web Services can act as proxies for business services enabling organisations to move from monolithic black boxes to a set of exposed micro-functionalities which add value for consumers.

The research area of Semantic Web Services seeks to apply Semantic Web technology (machine processable Web based descriptions founded on ontologies) to Web Services to facilitate the automatic generation of applications from re-usable online components.

The work of my group centres the Semantic Web Service platform IRS-III which we use as an overall umbrella for our research and as an implementation infrastructure for the demonstrators that we create in the domains of Business Process Modelling, eLearning, and Bio-informatics. One of our new projects will integrate Semantic Web Services with Web 2.0 technologies in order to create a Web of billions of services.

Interviewee: John Domingue, Kmi, Open University

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