Interview with W3C Compound Document Specialist

Posted in Science on October 08, 2008

Interview with W3C Compound Document Specialist

Doug Schepers has been programming since his early teens. He has focused on SVG for the past 6 years, developing SVG applications. He is a founding member of Vectoreal, an association of SVG professionals. You can reach him at svg at If you want to read more about Doug, you can read his personal Web site, Videolectures.Net sent a paper at the W3C Video on the Web Workshop which was held 12-13 December 2007, San Jose, California. There we met Doug and asked him a few questions after the workshop finished:

  • Any comments on your presentation
  • What is W3C doing for the standardisation of the video on the web?
  • What did you miss on the workshop?
  • The current hot topic about the video on the web?
  • Personal and professional dream come true
  • First thing you will do after you leave this building?

Interviewer: Davor Orli?, Center For Knowledge Transfer, Jožef Stefan Institute Interviewee: Doug Schepers, World Wide Web Consortium

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