Meet the GIMP #3: A Ship in the Fog – Part 1

Posted in Graphics on October 17, 2008

Meet the GIMP #3: A Ship in the Fog – Part 1

I start with answering the first comment I got and show some ways how to get the GIMP 2.3 for different operating systems.

The site I mention in the podcast is EDIT: There is an english version of that site under The Mac stuff is at

Then I begin to work at an image of a ship coming down the river Weser on a foggy morning. The image is mostly gray and very low in contrast. As this was shot in RAW, it is possible to get something usuable out of it. You get a lecture about the difference of 256 steps between black and white in JPEG and why the 4096 steps in RAW are better.

(I assume there would be more detail in an JPEG out of the camera because it does some postprocessing…)

I show how to access the menues of the GIMP in three different ways, how to analyze an image with the histogram tool and the colour picker, how to rotate an image just a little bit and how to crop it using the Rule of Thirds (not a LAW - but a nice rule of thumb) to get an aesthetic result. And I nearly forgot to save the image in GIMP’s native image format – XCF.

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