Eclipse Day at the Googleplex: Eclipse at Ebay

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on October 23, 2008

Eclipse is great for Java development. Eclipse is great for web development. Eclipse is great for Java web development. The list goes on, but as your business becomes bigger, more specialized and more demanding, chances are that you won't find exactly what you need on that list. So what do you turn to? Eclipse. See how eBay uses the Eclipse you know and love, but also builds on top of it to handle its unique challenges.
Speaker: Michael Galpin, With introduction by Ian Skerrett, Director of Marketing - Eclipse Foundation

About Michael Galpin
Michael Galpin is an architect at eBay. He has worked on various projects in the past including eBay Neighborhoods, the next generation of My eBay, as well as eBay's own web development framework, V4. He also is a frequent writer for IBM developerWorks,, and the Java Developer's Journal. He has been programming professionally for 10+ years and holds a degree in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology.

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June 24, 2008

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