Eclipse Day at the Googleplex: Plug-in Development Tips

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on October 23, 2008

Plug-ins are everywhere in Eclipse so come learn about how to develop them! Depending on the audience, for the first half of the talk, I will discuss what a plug-in is and what tooling is provided around developing plug-ins. For the second half, I will discuss tips and tricks that can save you time in developing plug-ins and will also talk about some lesser known, but extremely useful, parts of PDE.
Speaker: Chris Aniszczyk, Code9

About Chris Aniszczyk:
Chris Aniszczyk is the technical lead for the Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) project at Eclipse. Chris also commits on various other Eclipse projects, has the honor to represent the committers on the Eclipse Board of Directors and sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council. Chris's passions are blogging, software advocacy, tooling and anything Eclipse. He's always available to discuss open-source or Eclipse over a frosty beverage.

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June 24, 2008

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