Meet the GIMP #15: RAW to the rescue! Mini-HDR ;-)

Posted in Graphics on October 29, 2008

Meet the GIMP #15: RAW to the rescue! Mini-HDR ;-)

I shot some autumn scenes with a Lensbaby in a very mixed light condition. And I haven’t checked the histogram after this shot. It is the only one with the focus right on spot and a dreamy flair. The leaf in the center was overexposed in the JPG image - blown out highlights ruined the image.

This is the final image - not the one with the blown out highlights….

But I had shot in JPG and NEF (Nikon’s RAW) - so I used UFRaw to produce a TIFF file with the right exposure of the leaf and blended it into the image with a layer mask. This is basically the way (pseudo-) HDR works. Take different parts of the image from differntly exposed photographs.

A slight correction with the hue/saturation tool was necessary to adjust the colours. Cropping was done twice - a mistake made a correction necessary. So I covered some advanced options in cropping.


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