NetBeansTV: soapUI NetBeans Plugin Movie 1

Posted in Development on November 04, 2008

Movie 1 shows how to create a simple WSDL, implement and deploy that WSDL with a BPEL process, and finally test the deployed process with the soapUI module.

The soapUI NetBeans-Plugin provides all soapui-functionality directly from within NetBeans 5.5/6.0 allowing one integrated development and testing environment for Web Services in java. Existing soapUI desktop components are made available through two docked tabs:

  • A "soapUI Navigator" tab in the explorer contains the Workspace Navigator and Details Tab
  • A "soapUI Log" tab at the bottom contains the same Log Tabs as in soapUI

Version 1.7.1 of the plugin introduces project integration and popup menu actions for NetBeans projects and WSDL files, allowing creation and quick access of a NetBeans-project specific soapUI project.

Also available:

  • Movie 2 shows how to create a simple WSDL, create a Mock Implementation of that WSDL with the soapUI module, create a java application client that calls the Mock Implementation, and then finally how to implement the WSDL with a BPEL process.
  • Movie 3 shows how to create a simple JAX-WS Web Service and deploy/test it with the soapUI module.

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