Systm #1: Building a War Spying Box

Posted in Podcasts on November 03, 2008

To demonstrate the dangers of unencrypted wireless cameras, Kevin Rose and Dan Huard reveal how to build and use the first ever handheld auto-switching warspying device. Designed from the ground up, they take a helpful step-by-step process to go from the basic circuit construction to the complete warspying box design.

Small wireless cameras have become increasingly popular in the past few years. They are used to monitor activity around homes and businesses in an effort to attain an extra hint of security. Most of these types of cameras, however, are unencrypted so their signals can be picked up by anyone with a compatible, off the shelf, receiver. This isn't necessarily a deal breaker for everyone, but if you use such cameras you should be aware of the potential danger of allowing someone to peek inside your home or place of business.

Searching for open video camera feeds is known as 'warspying.' Usually this is done with a handheld video camera, a wireless video receiver, and an inverter to power the whole rig from one's car. We weren't satisfied with that setup so we built a portable, autoswitching, warspying device to demonstrate that it can be very easy to find and possibly exploit these cameras.

In order to accomplish our goal we needed 5 things:

  1. a wireless video receiver
  2. a screen
  3. a portable power source
  4. a means of automatically switching between the various receiver channels
  5. an enclosure for the components

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