Systm #2: MythTV

Posted in Podcasts on November 03, 2008

Tired of shelling out hard earned cash to download the program listings of your DVR? Want to backup your videos but don't want to deal with the hassle of DRMed files? Kevin Rose & Dan Huard show you everything you need to know about the free and open source PVR alternative, MythTV. Build yours today!

For under $500 you can build a computer that will record HDTV, schedule your favorite shows anywhere in the world, allow you to back up and archive your standard or high def content, display your favorite RSS news feeds, and play all your old-school MAME roms. All this without any monthly subscription fee, made possible with MythTV.

In this episode we start with the basics of selecting your capture card. Then, we present what many consider to be the easiest way to install and configure MythTV, knoppMyth. Finally, we end the episode with the configuration and setup of knoppMyth.

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