Systm #4: Podcasting

Posted in Podcasts on November 03, 2008

Podcasting has become the radio phenomenon of the modern age. Kevin Rose and Dan Huard explain why podcasting is so popular and they show how to set up a basic podcast environment from the hardware you'll need to the uploading process. Also, get an exclusive look into Leo Laporte's (of This Week in Tech fame) advanced podcast studio!

Podcasting, although fairly new, is becoming a legitimate and very easy approach to producing your very own original content. It doesn't take much to record a podcast—only some basic hardware which you probably already have—and getting people to download your show couldn't be easier.

In this episode, we walk you through the basic setup of podcasting. First, we start off with the hardware. You'd be surprised at how low of an initial investment podcasting requires. Next, and probably the most important step, is working on setting up your podcast through the software of your choice, which is the pre-production phase. As the production of your show finishes, we touch on some of the basic steps in tweaking your podcast in post-production. From there, we take a quick break and visit Leo Laporte's TWiT studio to show what one of the most advanced podcasting setups looks like and how it runs. Last but not least, we'll take your finished product and give you all the tools needed to show the world the fruits of your labor.

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