Systm #7: AppleTV

Posted in Web Technologies, Operating Systems, Podcasts on November 03, 2008

Patrick Norton and Dave Randolph take you through some of the more popular hacks and mods out there for the AppleTV. They have sorted out all the articles out there and have come up with a complete step by step procedure to help you get your AppleTV up and running with a larger drive, SSH, Xvid and a RSS reader.


We have sorted thru all of the how-to's out there and narrowed them down to a very quick and short list of commands. In this episode we go step by step and tell you everything you need to know. There will be no guessing or trying to look up commands, we lay it out for you in a simple step by step procedure.

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Tags: Technologies, OS, RSS, MacOS, Systm, Revision3, AppleTV