Tekzilla #1: The Adventure Begins!

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Podcasts on November 05, 2008

Welcome to Tekzilla! Vudu's video on demand box doesn't require a computer. Jessica Corbin has tips to make your video pop. Patrick Norton turns $60 in parts from the hardware store into a portable power supply. Halo3 hits the streets, DNSStuff, testing your memory.

It's the very first episode of Tekzilla: Jessica Corbin and Patrick Norton

Vudu: Forget about Media Center or iTunes. This video on demand box connects directly to your TV and the Internet, no Mac or PC (or cable company) required. Plus Vudu's negotiated for movies with a long list of studios, with over 5000 on tap. It's got a great selection of movies, but we want more HD content. And a monthly fee instead of a la carte pricing. You can buy Vudu online starting October 1st.

Five minutes to more professional video? Jessica's out in the field with a camcorder to teach you how to work with the light, keep the camera steady, and get the right stuff thru the lens onto your tape or hard drive.

We want Tekzilla's viewers to contribute their own tips and project videos to the show, so pay attention!

If you've got the cash, Electrovaya's PowerPads are awesome portable power sources... big honking LiO battery packs with up to 300 Wh of juice for your notebook. They're not cheap: the 160 Wh model will cost over $400 when it's not on sale. Can we make something similar? Absolutely. But while our $60 DIY 150 Wh battery pack will power anything with a car power adapter, it's gonna weigh quite a bit more than the PowerPad 160's 2.4 pounds. We need a good source of Lithium-ion batteries to lighten up this project!

Need info on the DNS servers that feed your website? Maybe a Reverse DNS lookup? A ping tool you can run even if ping is blocked on your network? Check out DNSStuff.com. Heavy users will need to pay a $3 a month for unlimited access, otherwise, the site is free.

Halo3? We've got 1UP.com's Managing Editor Garnett Lee with us to talk about what's changed in the biggest game on the Xbox.

Computer misbehaving? Random crashes, maybe you've reinstalled the OS and it's still wonky? Might be a problem with the memory. Memtest86+ is the go to tool for testing the memory on your PC for errors. It's free, we run it all the time from a bootable CD-ROM. Are you on a Mac? Rember is a gui for Memtest OS X that operates inside the OS. Check it out!

We want your tech questions, ideas on product you want us to review, and we'd love to hear what you want added to the show. Email us and check out the Tekzilla forums!

No wild jackasses were hurt in the creation of this show.

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