Screencasters Episode 075: Vector Wings

Posted in Graphics on November 07, 2008

Screencasters Episode 075: Vector Wings

In this episode I demonstrate how to create vector wings by tracing over a pencil sketch in Inkscape v0.46.

After scouring the Net for a pleasing wing design to sketch for myself, I stumbled upon Von. R. Glitschka’s excellent tutorial from regarding a custom and very unique wing design that he used to make a BMX (MirraCo) illustration. It is absolutely superb. I used the basic shape of the wings for my screencast only making it much simpler for newer users to Inkscape. If you consider yourself an advanced graphic artist then you may want to take note of Von’s additions that make his version of the wings stand out.

Von’s tutorial was very interesting as he details his process for developing not only the wings but the entire logo used. I encourage everyone to check out his website and then bookmark it because it offers valuable insight on the methods used by professional artists.

I thank Von for giving me his permission to take a stab at simplifying his wing design for subject material in this episode as I know some of you will hopefully find it interesting.

Reference: - BMX Illustration

by heathenx

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