Tekzilla #5: Leopard First Look, iPod Batteries, Transformers, eBooks and Flock

Posted in Operating Systems, Podcasts on November 11, 2008

Take a look at the new hotness in Leopard. How to replace your iPod battery. Find out how the Transformers were made. Go read an eBook! And the latest in social web browsing with Flock.

Kicking off this episode, Jessica is disturbed by the Hello Kitty themed AK-47 available at GlamGuns.com.

Do you have an old iPod whose battery is just so far gone? It won't hold a charge and now is pretty much useless? Well don't despair, you can replace the battery! Yes, YOU can do it as Sarah, along with the help from the tutorial at ifixit.com, will show you the tools, the step by step instructions and the challenges on replacing your iPod's battery.

One of the summer's biggest movie hits, Transformers features state of the art, photorealistic effects to make the robots look real. We spoke with some of the movie making wizards at Industrial Light and Magic, who opened the hood on these robots in disguise and explained how they were able to make these robots come to life.

Heather's website pick of the week is gemueseorchester.org (there was a mistake in the show CG stating that it is gemueseorchester.com), the world's first vegetable orchestra.

Chris Breen, senior editor from Macworld visits us to give us the skinny on the new release of OSX from Apple, Leopard. With the new version, there are great new features like, Time Machine, Spaces, Stacks, Quicklook and a new version of Spotlight.

Freedocumentaries.org - Want to stream and watch documentaries online for free? Well here's the site for you. Check out the great and informative documentaries available, all for free!

Our fearless leader and CEO of Revision3, Jim Louderback tries to convert Jessica to the wonderful world of eBook Readers with the Sony PRS-505 which holds over 100 books and has rechargeable batteries to allow you to turn up to 7,500 pages on a single charge which can be charged via USB. It also can store music or photos (even though the display is black and white). While the Sony Memory Stick is still present, they also support SD cards. While you can buy books through Sony's Connect store application, but you can also load your own books and PDFs. Jim also shows us an older eBook, the RCA REB1200 which has a touch screen and the ability to mark up the screen as you read.

Martin Sargent makes his plea to take over Tekzilla and Systm from Patrick Norton.

Site of the week: etsy.com - A great site to buy and sell hand made projects with super cool ways to search.

Jessica brings us this week's Code Red: a new browser based on social browsing, Flock. Making it easy to blog, upload photos and interact with your social network websites. It's also got great extensions like me.dium.com which allows you to see other users using Flock. It also has neat tools like "Drag and Drop" interaction with Flickr for all your photo needs.

We've got some viewer e-mail:

Gary from North Carolina writes in asking about how to convert old 8mm film reels to DVDs? The obvious answer is to look up a video transfer/dubbing service in your local yellow pages. But Sarah and Jessica have a bit more ghetto way: Buy a projector and film the projected image with a video camera.

If you have any questions, be sure to email us at tekzilla@revision3.com

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