Tekzilla Daily Tip #27: Super Free Zip Utility

Posted in Podcasts on November 12, 2008

Need a handy *.zip utility but don't want to pay anything? Then you need IZArc, the free compression utility that handles almost every file archive compression know to man.

If you need a good Zip utility but don't want to pony up the cash, then check out IZArc. This All in one archive compression utility supports every known format under the sun including Zips, RAR, ACE, ARC and ISO. Just download the file and install. During the installation process select the files you want to IZArc to support and you're on your way. Now all those pesky compressed files will show up with a IZarc icon. All you need to do is double click and decompress. Alternatively you can just right click on the file and select output to a specific or custom folder. It's just that easy and best of all it's Free!!


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