Writing iPhone App: Free Preview

Posted in Mobile on November 13, 2008

Writing iPhone App: Free Preview

Now that the iPhone 2.1 SDK has officially been released and the Apple App Store is open for business, it’s time to write killer mobile applications! To do that, you’ll need to use several powerful (and possibly unfamiliar) tools: Xcode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, and then the iPhone SDK itself. It can all be a little overwhelming at first. So how do you get started on the right foot?

Well, the good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Let Bill Dudney, an experienced iPhone developer, show you how to write your first iPhone application in these screencasts. Building iPhone applications is a visual process, and screencasts are a great way to shoulder-surf with an expert. You’ll learn his workflow, his development techniques, and the tricks of the trade.

Buy all 5 episodes and, combined with the free episode, you get approximately 3 hours of guided instruction by an iPhone development expert!

In these screencasts, you can follow along as Bill incrementally builds an application similar to the iPhone contacts manager. He’ll help you quickly transition from a stock Xcode template to a real application you can show off to your friends, and demystify the magic along the way.

Watch the preview (8 MB, 2 mins, QuickTime) where Bill highlights the recipe application he builds throughout these screencasts.

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