Tekzilla Daily Tip #37: Turn Vacation Photos into Art

Posted in Operating Systems, Podcasts on November 14, 2008

Vacations and holidays are a quick way to fill up a library of photos. In fact, you might have so many you just might not know what to do with all of them.

Why not take those pics and turn them into a photo mosaic? Andrea Mosaic, a free download photo mosaic utility for Windows, makes it easy. After installing the application, start it up, click the button "Find Tiles" and then click the "Create Collection" button to select the photos you want to use to build your mosaic and save. The more you have the better!!! Set the Parameters. You can use the default settings for but feel free to experiment. More tiles and higher resolutions give you better detail. Now you need to pick the image you want to serve as the basis of your photo mosaic. Hit "Create Mosaic" and the application will begin its process. When it's done you'll have a unique piece of art and memories rolled up into one!


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