Tekzilla Daily Tip #58: Quick Tip Saves You Tons of Typing Time When Web Surfing

Posted in Web Technologies, Podcasts on November 15, 2008

You'll never have to type those six little letters again! Watch today's Daily Tip to find out how to tell Firefox to fill in "www" and ".com" for you.

I don't know about you, but I'm just so *over* typing in the same old WWW and .COM when I want to go to a web site. It's just a total waste of my poor finger power. But did you know there's a clever way to ensure that you never have to type those words in again when you websurf? That's right, we've uncovered a secret key combination that works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox that does all the heavy lifting for you. Just give Patrick Norton 61 seconds and expunge those nasty key combinations from your life.

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