Systm #40: DIY Combat Robot

Posted in Science, Podcasts on November 17, 2008

Command the respect and admiration of others and build a robot.... that destroys other robots!

RoboGames founder and SFSU School of Engineering instructor, David Calkins, gives Patrick a primer on building a combat robot. From the wheel and controllers to the shell and motors, David Calkins shows us some really easy ways to come up with parts for this project and how to put all together.

**Currently RoboGames is currently out of stock on the kit David mentioned in this epsiode. When they're back in supply he'll re-post the order page for the kit and we'll link to it on this page.**

Some helpful links for budding robot creators are:

IFI Robotics: online store for purchasing controllers, high end wheels, and kits. great for picking up scooter wheels that you can re-purpose for your combat robot, cheap.

eMachineShop: Get custom machined parts online. Send them the specs and they'll send you back your finished product.

Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion is a “A unique visual presentation and detailed information encourages daily and quick use, helping users save time and labor. Provides immediate application of fundamental and reliable data. Includes reorganized, distilled, and simplified material from Machinery's Handbook to increase usefulness while keeping the bulk down. Serves as a handy and more portable complement to Machinery's Handbook's larger compilation of data, standards, and text.”

Grand Wing Servo-Tech makes super cheap transmitter/receiver pairs for controlling your robot. Although based in Taiwan they have dealers across the US and the world.

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