Systm #51: DIY Liquor: Distill Your Own Alcohol

Posted in Science, Podcasts on November 17, 2008

You don't need yards of copper pipe to make liquor. Julia Nolan, a chemical engineer, shows us how to distill alcohol the easy way.

Julia Nolan, an honest to goodness Chemical Engineer, joins us on this week's episode of Systm with an easy way to distill hard liquor.

Instead of building (or buying) a complicated still, made of copper and welded together, Julia has a super simple hack for a a standard countertop water distiller.

The end result? We distill some pretty powerful hooch from a batch of hard cider... made from apple juice concentrate! (You'll need a food grade bucket along with brewer's yeast to make the cider. (It's all about -not- making vinegar!)

Julia also walks us thru how she made the cider, where the alcohol comes from, how fermentation work and distillation work, and why you'll want to blend what you capture from the distiller.

And, yes, she talks about why you're not going to blind yourself on this project... and we remind you that distilling Alcohol isn't legal for US residents without the proper permit... tho DIY distilling, or, for the foodies, 'White Collar Moonshine' is growing in popularity in the US.

We'd like to thank Julia for taking time out of her busy schedule to join us with this project!

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