Systm #55: Dead Motherboard Delays Systm 55

Posted in Podcasts on November 18, 2008

It's back to the PC parts store and a late delivery for this episode of Systm, thanks to a few well placed drops of coolant between our mobo and CPU.

Episode 54, Super Cooling Your PC, triggered a pretty big response from y'all, so we decided to delve deeper into water cooling, primarily hooking our radiator up to a higher flow pump and testing it against the AquaGate 80's water block along with a dedicated water block.

Then we fried our testbed. (Warning: Coolant and motherboards don't mix well.)

It only took a few drops, but they somehow managed to soak in between our Core 2 Duo and the Socket T (aka the LGA755) on our motherboard. The CPU, tho scorched, still works, but the Mobo was DOA. We'll say it again: coolant and electronics don't mix well.

Our apologies, on the delay, our (final) water cooling episode (for now) will be up late this week!

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