Systm #58: The Best Way To Run Windows On Your Mac: VMWare vs. Parallels

Posted in Operating Systems, Cloud Computing, Podcasts on November 18, 2008

CNET's Tom Merritt answers the great VMWare vs. Parallels question. Which is best for running Windows applications inside of OS X? Watch the show and find out!

There's nothing wrong with running Windows on your OS X machine: all you need is Boot Camp, right?

Wrong. There's a better way: virtualization software, such as the Parallels Desktop for Mac or VMware's Fusion.

If you run virtualization software, you can run Windows operating systems like XP and Vista -inside- of OS X. Features like "Coherence" or "Unity Mode" even let you run a Windows application as if it were just another OS X app.

But which software should you choose?

Our friend Tom Merritt, the host of CNET's Buzz Out Loud has spent more time playing around with virtualization software and OS X than anybody we know... so we invited him to join us and show off his favorite tools and tricks for running Windows (and Windows applications!) on your Mac!

Now all we have to do is check out VirtualBox and see if this open source tool for running Windows in OS X works just as well!

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