Systm #75: DIY Halloween Projects

Posted in Science, Podcasts on November 22, 2008

Make your own Brain in a Jar and a Giant Robot Spider - guaranteed to creep out your friends and frighten your neighbors!

In honor of last year's Halloween Project, the Motion Activated Silly String Shooter, we bring you two more projects for the spookiest night of the year!

First, we'll add a adding a special touch of strange to any indoor or outdoor décor when we build A Brain In A Jar. It's fun, easy to build and safe enough to build that your kids will have a blast helping you put it together. Best of all, the parts are easily and cheaply purchased or re-purposed items you probably have in your kitchen or garage. If you spend big money on the brain you might spend $50. Sure, you could build a similar product that's sold as a kit. (If you don't mind spending a lot more money.) We say do some scrounging and go DIY: it's a lot more fun!

Looking for something a bit bigger to frighten the local trick or treaters? You'll love one of our local San Francisco robotics mavins,

Nick Donaldson. He gave us some insight on how he created a huge hairy robotic spider, mummy and flying bat to terrify our local trick or treaters!

It's a spooktacular episode of Systm that you don't want to miss.

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