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The team from MetaBroadcast Ltd describe their work on URIPlay (uriplay.org).

Radio and TV were designed to be simple, to require minimum
involvement. Our grandparents sometimes chose to change channel, but this was strictly optional. Today's technology has brought us more choice, freeing our viewing and listening from set schedules.

However, alongside this choice, we users must deal with complexity. Increasingly, we are asked to decide not only what we would like to watch or listen to, but also via what route we would like to receive it. PVRs, 'on demand' TV platforms, streaming websites and downloads each add to our technology choices.

Broadcasters have traditionally provided a simpler experience for audiences, but their recent technology and commercial choices are adding to the underlying complexity. Together with rights owners, they attempt to control the consumption of content through DRM, geoblocking, etc. Thus, content distribution via broadcasters' websites, hubs like YouTube, search engines and P2P downloads requires serious efforts on the side of the user--not our grandparents' experience.

URIplay aims to restore simplicity to the experience without reducing choice. We compile and publish metadata files listing the URIs at which content can be played. Each URI is described in terms of media data format, revenue model, and restrictions applied. Developers will be able to use this information and our open API to refer precisely to the content and select appropriate URIs for their users. Think of it as DNS for media.

Since the project started in late 2007, we have defined an XML format, built a website and an API, and imported data from the BBC--our first sponsor. During our talk we will describe the system design and related challenges, as well as our aspirations in restoring simplicity to media consumption.

Speaker: Chris Jackson
Speaker: Lee Denison
Speaker: George Wright

Google Tech Talks
April, 3 2008

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