John Fowler, "Innovation That Drives Opportunity for the Web Infrastructure"

Posted in Conferences on November 24, 2008

Web is built on a new software stack (varnish, rails, memcache, hadoop, etc.)


  1. 16 cores per socket for 2009, Sun, AMD and Intel on the same track. Clock rates will remain the same.
  2. Application memory capacity increasing, working to get 1TB of RAM at commodity prices
  3. ZFS and SSD, enterprise SSD, $0.08 per iops to compare to $2.43 per ios for HDD

[Sun is clearly attacking the storage market by pushing for commoditization of software, as opposed to proprietary systems such as 3PAR, EMC, etc.] Sun is building something like x4500, using an x4450 with 1 32GB ZIL SSD, 1 80GB SSD ad 5 slow SATA drives, same capex, 3 times the throughput.
John Fowler, Sun Microsystem

Fowler has been with Sun for more than 14 years with experience in systems and software development and corporate strategy. As Executive Vice President of Sun’s Systems Group, John Fowler is responsible for the delivery of all systems products including SPARC and x64-based servers as well as networking and disk and tape storage products. Prior to becoming the head of Sun’s Systems Group, Fowler was EVP of Sun’s x64 Systems Group focused on delivering industry standard network computing systems for Solaris, Linux and Windows.

Before leading Sun’s x64 initiative, Fowler was the Chief Technology Officer for Sun Microsystems’ Software organization. In his role as CTO for software, Fowler was responsible for overall technical strategy and alignment in addition to managing an advanced development group.

In other previous roles at Sun, Fowler was responsible for identifying leading technology trends and the companies creating these trends for minority investment and acquisition. His group took a forward view on both hardware and software technology developments, identifying companies that are complementary to Sun. He was involved in the acquisitions of Kealia, Inc. (Advanced Server Technology), Nauticus Networks (High-Performance Content Switch), Waveset Technologies, Inc. (Secure Identity Management), Pixo, Inc. (Centralized Data Services for Devices) and many others, resulting in continued innovation and product development for Sun.

Prior to his position with Sun’s investment group, Fowler was Director of Engineering for the Sun Software Development Tools organization. Throughout his career at Sun, he has also held a variety of engineering management positions within Java software, Solaris, Unix Desktop, and Graphics.

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